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Maple Wood Flooring Sustainability

It enjoys wide popularity, especially sugar maple or hard maple and sycamore maple. With a rating of 1450 on the janka hardness scale, maple is one of the hardest species of wood commonly used for flooring.

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Learn about our various sustainability certifications for our products.

Maple wood flooring sustainability. Construction and installation quality standards to distinguish mfma maple flooring from other maple or hardwood products. Maple hardwood flooring has a distinctive look because its. My home has been completely transformed…the experience we had with breezewood floors was wonderful.

Action floor systems is committed to sustainability in the flooring industry. Research by the environmental protection agency shows that wood flooring improves overall air quality in the home. What a great canadian company and product!

Consequently, maple is far more resistant to scratches, dents, and dings than cherry floors. Our procurement and production is founded on conserving and utilizing our natural resources with responsibility and care. We provide school gym wood flooring and other environmentally friendly products.

Because hardwood floors can be refinished, they can stay in homes for decades or even centuries. Through sustainable harvesting and their carbon neutral status, hardwood floors create a very low environmental impact. Maple hardwood flooring is a solid hardwood or engineered wood floor milled from maple trees.

When the grain has added character like. Hrymx) maple is another wood found abundantly in north america. Highly figured boards are prone to tearing and chipping when you cut or plane them.

The soft variety bends easily for curved furniture and stair railings. Hardwood has other key sustainable features. This wood species is not listed in the cites appendices or on the iucn red list of threatened species.

In 2014 95% of all our wood flooring supplied was fsc as we only recently starting sourcing oak form central europe where. Carlisle wide plank floors offers interior flooring solutions that comply with, and contribute toward, leed certification for residential and commercial spaces. Maple is a domestic hardwood that comes from forests in the northern united states and canada.

Depending on the location of your project, our newly sawn hardwood floors or. Fsc supplies of oak for 2013 were 90%, the balance was canadian maple sourced from the north west of canada and for our american walnut we had an eutr report compiled by bureau veritas certification, you can see a copy here. Cherry typically costs 15 to 20 percent more, and hickory costs an additional 10 to 20 percent above.

There are few other types of flooring that can perform like this. From a cost perspective, birch, oak, and maple are generally the least expensive for flooring. Use sharp blades and work slowly to minimize damage.

Stick with a sustainable and safe adhesive. What makes hardwood maple sports floors sustainable aside from their aesthetic appeal, hardwood floors are a sustainable option for people who prioritize environmental responsibility. Because of its resonant quality, fiddleback maple is the preferred wood for violins.

Namely, the durability of the floors is of the utmost importance. Mullican hardwood flooring is an american manufacturer of high quality hardwood flooring. Maple wood has a fine, uniform texture with generally straight grain, but variations such as birdseye, tiger, flame, curly, wavy, rippled or fiddleback grain occur and are often selected for specialty custom artisan furniture.

This is because hardwood floors are hypoallergenic, and contamination from animal dander. Our hardwood has just been installed and it is so beautiful. Cherry, on the other hand, is one of the softest hardwoods in the flooring industry, with a janka rating of 950.

We would like to thank the breezewood staff for helping us decide on our flooring. These solutions include antique flooring, also known as reclaimed wood flooring, in a variety of styles. If you’re wondering if hardwood maple sports floors are the right solution for your facility, knowing more about them will help you make an informed decision.

We make bowling pins and billiard cue shafts from this wood. A very soft wood like reclaimed douglas fir or heart pine can outlast a hardwood like maple if you apply a repairable finish and maintain your floor.

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