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How To Strip Old Hardwood Floors

Leaving hot water on your flooring long enough to dissolve wax is just asking for the water to seep through the cracks, swell the wood and ruin your floor. Some types of floor, especially hardwood, may be damaged by certain types of floor finish stripper.

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Use safety glasses and gloves.

How to strip old hardwood floors. If you’re thinking about sanding hardwood floors by hand, a belt sander is one of the top options you should consider. When i bought my house, i was lucky enough to find hardwood floors underneath the super old carpet. How to remove old gloss paint from hardwood using denatured alcohol use of alcohol is another alternative that you can try out at home.

Purchase a floor finish stripper that is appropriate for your floor. Pros of using a belt sander on a hardwood floor. If you clean wood floors with the same harsh chemicals as you do laminate floors or tile, you can strip away the sealant and damage the wood.

Stripping hardwood flooring the wrong way can cost you. Even after over 40 years! It is fine to paint over the caulk between the boards.

Most wood floors with a shellac coating are protected with a wax sealer, so you need to get the detergent that can cut the protective wax layer. Caulk left on the floor becomes sandwiched between the wood and paint and will move independently, causing the paint to crack. Use hammer and nail set to tap any exposed nails below the surface.

Properly applied, the caulk will. The problem was, some of the polish was still on them. First, rub the denatured alcohol on the stain using a rag and let it soak into the paint for about 20 to 30 minutes, for the paint to absorb enough alcohol to break it.

Here are 10 steps to strip and wax your floors. The key to knowing how to clean floors is understanding which cleaning methods allow you to get the floor clean without clouding or removing the finish. Choose the best stripper for your floor type.

When this happens it is time to strip the old wax finish and apply a new coat of wax to the flooring. Not all floors are created equal. For old floors that have deposited dust, debris or soot, prepare a strong solution in a bucket with hot water and detergent.

Belt sanders are a lot more powerful than a palm sander and can also sand off the old finish and dent more easily. How do you remove hardwood floor polish? Not only does this make your flooring shine, but it more importantly protects it.

Sanding hardwood floors by hand with a belt sander or orbital sander. Vacuum the floor clean of all sanding dust. You should have no varnish remaining on your wood floor at this point, but if all else fails, heat the floor with an electric paint remover and then scrape it one last time with your scraper.

Hardwood flooring makes a welcome addition to any home, but it can be daunting to deal with once it’s time to remove or replace it.

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