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Diy Ant Bait Gel

Before you put ant killer down, you need to clean the ant area to remove the trail left by the ants. Each syringe is 42.5g of liquid bait.

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Mix two tablespoons of borax with one tablespoon of peanut butter and put it inside a container with a lid.

Diy ant bait gel. Ant bait (ant killer) can be made from corn syrup and powdered borate insecticide. Advion ant bait gel lets the ants take the product to the colony for you, avoiding the guesswork of finding a nest. Maxforce ant bait gel attracts ants that are looking for a sweet meal.

Imidasect ant gel bait is a ready to use gel bait, specifically designed for the treatment of pharaoh and argentine ants. When finished, replace the cap to prevent the gel from drying out. Sx ant gel is used within our ant bait station kit.

Nopests® ant bait™ controls all major pest species of ants found in nz, such as black house ants, argentine ants, white footed house ant and darwin’s ant. Our findings show that while most gel bait products are labeled for a broad spectrum of ants, some ant species are. Imidasect pharaoh ant gel bait 35g quantity.

This should help keep your children or pets from getting to the bait. The ant gel bait comes in an easy to use plunger dispenser. Next, punch a few holes on the lid and set the bait near the ant nest.

Can be used indoors or outdoors. It contains a potent insecticide which has the benefit of not acting immediately on the insect, so that it will eat the bait as well as take some back to its nest, thereby spreading the poison around and vastly. Advion ant bait gel application instructions

Our range of products include ant sprays, ant powder and gels, which can be used to treat common ant problems, like garden ants. How to correctly set up and where to place the rentokil ant killer gel.the diy ant killer gel bait stations is designed to destroy both ants and their nests. Place these taco traps throughout the house where you have seen roaches hiding away and hanging out.

Our products are available from leading national supermarkets as well as garden and trade. The cockroaches will take the bait and you will be more successful at getting rid of your roaches. Imidasect pharaoh ant gel bait 35g.

Place a thin ribbon of gel bait ona hard surface where ants are active. Click to see full answer. Squeeze gently to create multiple spots (about the size of a pea) of gel.

Using a small funnel, transfer it to two small spray bottles. Palace the gel bait on wax paper and fold the paper like a taco. Rentokil diy ant products are suitable for light infestations and can be used within the home or outside.

It will thicken as it cools. Product details of bayer pest control makfor® q ants gel bait 30gm. Place family ant bait station along pharaoh ants trails and where they are numerous.

Individual syringes come with their easy to apply plunger for controlled application and cap to prevent drying out. Take care to keep exposed bait away from animals and children. Place the bait near ant trails so the ants will be attracted, stop, and take the bait back to the colony.

Greenway liquid ant bait gel is a highly attractive, formulated ant bait that works amazingly for all species of ants. On the market today, there are two main types of ant baits that work well: Below are some diy homemade borax ant killer recipes.

Borax and peanut butter bait. Wondering which ant baits truly work the best? Advion ant bait gel is also very light in color, making it ideal for placements on lighter surfaces where darker baits would be noticeable.

Contains 0.5 g/kg indoxacarb in the form of a gel bait.

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