I Should Have Known It

I Should Have Known It – 17-year-old Chloe Mitchell lives in Los Angeles with her mother, stepfather and autistic sister, Ivy. Ivy is 21 years old, but Chloe has always felt the need to protect and care for her. Chloe is famous and has a rich, handsome boyfriend named James. He tries not to talk too much about Ivy to James or his friends because he doesn’t want to be too difficult and ruin his delicate relationships.

When Chloe begins to feel Ivy’s loneliness, she decides to find Ivy a boyfriend. He goes to Ivy’s school and chooses a classmate named Ethan, who also has diabetes. Ivy says that she is ready to be with Ethan outside of the classroom, but only if Chloe is around. When Chloe and Ivy meet Ethan, her brother is with them. Chloe quickly recognizes him as the smart but violent David from her literature class. They have often been thieves in the past, but they decided to be friendly because of their brothers.

I Should Have Known It

Chloe and David text each other and set up a few dates for Ivy and Ethan. Although Ethan respects her, and is falling for Ivy, she seems to know nothing about the relationship. Chloe and David often hang out while their siblings watch movies. They realize that they have many things in common as protectors of their relatives with different disabilities.

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Chloe looks at David’s angry responses to people complaining about Ivy and Ethan’s “strange behavior” in public. Although Chloe doesn’t understand her struggle, she realizes that she doesn’t talk to her sister or explain it well. They start to talk a lot when James and his friends make inappropriate comments about Ivy’s special needs. They are wondering why he is doing this and saying insulting words that he has been with Davide for a long time.

Ivy asks Chloe if she can meet Diana, her classmate. Ivy talked about Diana often. When Chloe sees them together and notices Ivy’s romantic behavior, she becomes convinced that Ivy is gay. Ivy insists that she wants to kiss and be with Diana in ways that she doesn’t with Ethan.

Chloe tells David what she found. David is worried knowing that his brother’s heart will be broken. Chloe and Ivy sit down with Ethan at their house and tell him that Ivy is gay. Ethan says he has to go to the bathroom. When he returned, David got in and out of the car. They can’t find Ethan, and everyone is worried.

The police intervened during the investigation. David is angry that Chloe wasn’t keeping a close eye on what was going on. She sends him short messages with updates but no text or sweet words. When Ethan was found, his father and stepmother decided to send him to foster care.

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Chloe is surprised when her mother and her new father ask her to take her to talk to David’s parents. Chloe’s family tries to convince them not to put Ethan down. David’s family did not take kindly to it. David is still angry with Chloe, but appreciates her efforts to stand up for Ethan.

Chloe and James break up after realizing she’s falling for David. Finally, she and Davide talked, and Davide admitted that he loved her too. After Ethan has been in his new home for a few weeks, Chloe and David visit him. David tries to convince Ethan to come home, but Chloe sees that Ethan is doing well in his new environment.

He and David discuss the matter during lunch, and David realizes that he is expressing his feelings because he is used to taking care of his brother. Chloe wonders if Ivy would do well in an organization like this. She and David are still in love, and they are both trying to get along with their stepparents. Chloe hopes that Ivy will find another gay girl to bond with.

Chloe’s friend explains to the class about “real” religion, referring to Judaism and Christianity. Chloe and David are quick to point out that there are many other religions and that it is ignorant to think that they all believe in the same thing. It is also wrong to say that one religion is more real than another.

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David and Ethan’s mother ran away from their family years ago. Their stepmother has a new baby and is worried that the baby will be autistic like Ethan. She makes a series of depressing comments about autism and is desperate to get Ethan out of their home.

Chloe’s desperate mother allows Chloe’s father, Ron, to invite them to their home. He always tries to fix things between him and the girls. Ron teases Ivy about the food she eats and constantly criticizes her choices.

The relationship between Ron and Chloe is improving as he expresses his desire to help her with Ivy. When Chloe thinks about the behavior of her late father, she wonders if he was a little autistic.

Chloe and her friends kiss and have sex, and Chloe is usually the initiator. They often say sexist words to each other, and sex is said to be a natural part of their relationship. He compares his close relationships with James and David. Although James was handsome, he feels that he loves David more because of who he is. He explained how he enjoyed making David laugh.

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Chloe talks about hanging out with guys at parties at various times. He talks about the feeling of warmth, and the beating of the heart when people want to be close to each other. James and his friends make a sexual joke about a careless teacher.

Chloe and her mother try to gauge Ivy’s understanding of sex. Chloe thinks Ivy knows what sex is because she watches a lot of TV and Mom showed her her picture books about transitioning. Chloe tells her mom that maybe Ivy likes boys more than she thinks, since she’s in her 20s and most 20-year-olds are already having sex.

Chloe decides to explain to Ivy about condoms so she doesn’t accidentally get pregnant. Chloe and David discuss how they coach their siblings in the physical part of their relationship. She encourages Ethan to hold Ivy’s hand or kiss her, but he doesn’t

. They discuss how girls like watching porn like boys. Chloe thinks it’s sex that David thinks girls don’t like.

I Should Have Known Better

Ron says that Chloe and Ivy want fathers, and Chloe says that this is an insult to gay parents everywhere. When Chloe thinks Ivy is gay and brings it up, Ivy admits that she thinks she is. He admits that he wants to kiss Diana, not Ethan. They discuss how people can love people in many ways and that some people are gay.

Ivy feels like people are mad at her for being gay, but everyone assures her that she’s not. Ivy feels very sad when her favorite female friend at school tells her that being gay is not normal. When Ethan says that being gay isn’t Ivy’s problem, David says that it isn’t really a problem.

Alcohol: Chloe and Ron’s moms drink wine a lot. Chloe doesn’t feel well when Ron goes to meet her and drives drunk. She is upset that he blames Ivy for what she eats but she is also an alcoholic. He understands more about his desire for alcohol after seeing what he experiences at work. Ivy says she can drink soon.

Fat news: Ron explains to Ivy how beautiful she would be if she only ate junk food. He asks her if she’s ever wanted a boyfriend, and she says she can ruin everything by being thin and fat.

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Appreciation of life: Many adults leave because of fear, disgust or anxiety when they see Ivy and Ethan’s behavior in public. David points out that people can deal with people who are obviously disabled, but they don’t know how to deal with people who look normal but act differently.

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