Bow Wow Drunk Off Ciroc

Bow Wow Drunk Off Ciroc – Shad Moss, AKA Bow Wow, announced his retirement from rap almost two years ago. However, he released a new song “Drunk Off Ciroc / Emotional”.

“I skipped the show to see Chris,” Bow Wow says. “The day you and I had a lot of bad things / Whether you were still my baby / And it killed me when we were in a group and we did not talk to each other / Ah / Oh wrong and Brown / us Big, let’s change that.

Bow Wow Drunk Off Ciroc

With the obvious drop of “Chris” and “Brown” names, it’s hard to imagine Bow Wow being able to talk about anyone else. There seemed to be beef between them and Moss wanted to finish it.

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However, Brown does not seem to understand where the song came from. He commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram page about the new song “IM CONFUSED … U good bro?”

# Wayment– Maybe it was #BowWowChallenge because #ChrisBrown walked into #TheShadeRoom and said he was wrong ?! Post [View previous post) A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Mar 13, 2018 at 11:38 am PDT

Elsewhere on the track, Bow Wow talks about losing his girlfriend to smoke and returns to So So Def.Chris Brown responds to Bow Wow Subliminals for “Drunk Off Ciroc” even though he does not know he’s in. Into the beef with his ex.

It is no longer rumored that Bow Wow is back to music. In fact, he released a few clips before his Greenlight 6 project. In “Drunk Off Ciroc” he shoots everyone he can think of, including his old friend Breezy. Instead, he sang:

Chris Brown Reacts To Bow Wow Diss On

“‘I skipped a show to meet you Chris / Days You and I went through a lot of sh-t / whether you will be my brother / and it kills me when we are in public and we do not talk / This Crazy Man / Oh My Mistake Brown This Crazy Man / We Are Big Men Please turn this over.

The funny thing is Chris Brown, who Bow Wow looks unaware of any conflict between them. However, he went into the comments section to express his confusion after The Shade Room posted a possible animal on Instagram. He said:

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50 Cent thinks Lil Wayne and Birdman hugged in real-time Hip-Hop, saying “Hate It or Love It You Can’t Stop” Shad Moss posted a clip of his new song and he was telling Chris Brown from his feelings. To unify the so-called “beef.”

Video Klip Lagu: Bow Wow

“I skipped the show to meet you Chris / Days You and I went through a lot of sh-t / whether you are still my brother / and it killed me when we were in public and we did not. Do not say Together / this crazy / oh my mistake brown you this crazy / we’re big and let’s turn this sh-t.

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Shadmoss has not yet responded to Chris Brown, but he did respond to a video he posted last night showing that he was rejected by rapper Cheeks Bossman for refusing to do so in the future. It is fair to say that Bow Wow is having a difficult week, but he is always back. Here is what he wrote on “Drunk Off Ciroc”.

Twitter Clowns Bow Wow For Chris Brown Song And Getting Knocked Out

“I skipped the program to meet you Chris / Days, you and I went through sh * t / whether you will be my brother / and it killed me when we were in public and we did not speak. Come on / this crazy / oh for my sake, Brown, this crazy / we big guys, please turn it around, “he lamented.

Bow Wow mentioned Chris Brown, so he had to respond. Maybe they should both go to the bar for a drink and talk about the downfall because they are good friends. In the past.

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