7851 Walker St La Palma Ca

7851 Walker St La Palma Ca – From indoor receptions to outdoor softball games, Central Park offers La Palma residents a variety of options for hosting their activities and events. If you are ready to make a reservation, you must make a reservation in person at the Office of Recreation and Community Services located at 7821 Walker Street. Be sure to bring proof of residence (current driver’s license and utility bill if La Palma is not listed on the driver’s license) and payment.

A deposit is required to use any indoor facility when applying for use. The deposit will be refunded if the building is clean and in its original condition on or before the date specified in the facility permit.

7851 Walker St La Palma Ca

At Central Park Community Center, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen in the King Palm Room. The Queen’s Palm Room does not have a fully equipped kitchen. For more information, see Indoor Facility Rentals and Information Packs. All reservations for indoor facilities must be made in person at the Central Park office (7821 Walker Street).

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The Plaza Pavilion requires a deposit of $50 for 1-49 people and $150 for 50-300 people. The Bicentennial Gazebo has a $50 deposit. If you wish to reserve an outdoor seating area of ​​more than 150 (but not more than 300), you must reserve the Plaza Pavilion, Bicentennial Field, and Softball/Soccer Field. Softball/soccer field and tennis court rentals are limited to two hours per resident per week.

For more information, see the Outdoor Facilities Rental Fees and Information Pack. All outdoor facility reservations must be made in person at the Central Park Office (7821 Walker Street). California Electronics Recyclers is proud to offer electronics recycling in La Palma. Although we do not have a facility in La Palma, we offer a free pick-up service for businesses to recycle unwanted electronics. We recycle all types of electronics to help businesses and residents maintain a clean and safe environment. By recycling electronics, we can eliminate hazardous and toxic materials from polluting our local landfills. And we can reduce the amount of resources we need from the Earth. We are proud to offer electronics recycling in La Palma, CA.

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La Palma is located in northwestern Orange County, on the border of Cypress and Cerritos. Before the dairy farms moved east, they were called dairy farms. La Palma was ranked the 16th best place to live in the U.S. for its small, friendly neighborhoods, top-rated schools, low crime rate and shortest police response times in Orange County. Top businesses found in La Palma include ADP, BP West Coast Products, Unisource Worldwide, Performance Machine, Kellog’s, Honeywell and Arcadia.

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