4375 Derrick Dr. San Diego Clairemont, Ca

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The Poway Automotive Department office will be closed for repairs from Friday, December 29 to Monday, January 22.

4375 Derrick Dr. San Diego Clairemont, Ca

Anyone who needs DMV services during this time can visit the San Marcos, San Diego Clairemont, El Cajon and Oceanside offices.

Clairemont Times November 2017 By Clairemont Times

Poway DMV has been located at 13461 Community Road in the Walmart Mall for 10 years. It gets new flooring, paint and window film. The move also includes changes to the structure of the DMV stations and the complete elimination of four terminals. A Poway office spokesman said it would expand the reception area and allow more customers to wait inside in the sun or rain.

He said 23 Poway DMV staff would be deployed to other nearby DMVs while the Poway site was closed.

The San Marcos DMV is located at 590 Rancheros Drive in San Marcos. The San Diego Clairemont DMV office is located at 4375 Derrick Drive in San Diego. El Cajon DMV is located at 1450 Graves Avenue in El Cajon. The Oceanside DMV is located at 4005 Plaza Drive in Oceanside. The office provides self-service counters to avoid queuing. The stand is convenient and provides quick and easy service. No need to wait, open every day!

Google Maps is embedded with up to 10 markers that identify office locations relative to current search results.

Dmv Clairemont / 4375 Derrick Drive San Diego, Ca 92117

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Google Translate is not supported in your browser. To translate this page, install Google Toolkit (opens in new window). This is my first visit in over a year. Due to the CDC guidelines (as of May 2021), almost everyone has to line up outside. So do not worry if you see a long line, it is usually just people lined up the inner wall waiting to hear the numbers Of them. Like bingo.

A few things to note. The deadline for submitting real identity documents has been extended until May 2023. So those who do not have a passport or military ID now have more time to update their driver’s license or photo ID. In addition, many services are available through online websites.

Oceanside Dmv To Close For Six Week Renovation

There is a separate line for those with an appointment or disability. We can not make an appointment for what we need. My daughter has just filled out some forms online and has numbers to read when we arrive. So be sure to connect to the internet before visiting.

Considering the number of people waiting when we arrived (about 125), it took a total of about 3 hours. It may be less, but their computer system freezes for about 30 minutes when we check it out. When we indent in outline and file. We showed beautiful women; They asked for our phone number and then told us to wait in our car while they called. After that you go back to the front, then they call you inside (a little weird) and you wait for your number to call again. I feel like I am playing bingo.

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